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KTNA Talkeetna, Alaska: Only 5% of children under 2 receive all their vaccines

Jun 25

Seriously, only 5% are fully compliant? So where are the horrible outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease? Dr. Loeb thinks is a matter of trust. So do I. I trust no one connected with our federal health agencies or mainstream medicine. They’re nothing but industry shills.

Medical Officials Concerned Over Low Vaccination Rates

The survey shows that the Anchorage-Mat-Su region has what it calls a “vaccine hesitancy” rate of about 26%. In the upper Susitna Valley, however, numbers suggest that the rate may be significantly higher. I spoke to Dr. Mary Loeb, Medical Director at the Sunshine Community Health Center, who says that six to ten percent of parents in the area do not vaccinate at all, but that approximately five percent of children under two receive all of their vaccines as recommended by the CDC. She also describes fears of side-effects, but says trust also plays a key role.

“The other aspect, I think, that we really saw was a lack of trust. People were fearful of vaccines. They’re fearful of the companies that produce the vaccines and government, so there’s a real trust issue, I think, that is at the heart of the hesitancy to vaccinate.”

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