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NPR Boston: Help for autistic young adults

Dec 04

This is so sad. What better example of America’s acceptance of autism—no questions asked? We’ve seen two decades of soaring rates that have not been a cause for concern. Now the autism generation is aging into adulthood with nowhere to go. Shouldn’t this lead to questions? Shouldn’t people ask why this is happening? Countless articles from around the country describe the impact of young adults with autism. We never demanded to know where all the children were coming from and we’ll probably continue to scratch our heads over all the young adults with autism too.

Jobs For The Autistic

They’re growing up. They need work. A life. Maybe work the rest of us might fail at.

More and more Americans are being diagnosed with autism. One in 88 American children is the latest figure. It’s been called a tsunami.

They will grow up and they will have lives to lead. But what kind of lives? And what about work?

A new push is on to recognize and apply the special talents, special character, of people with autism in the workplace. To structure jobs that autistic minds and temperaments may be especially good at. To find the workplace upside in autism.

This hour, On Point: the autism advantage, at work.

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