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LeftBrainRightBrain wants Congress to do nothing about the epidemic

Nov 21

LeftBrainRightBrain urges you to send an email/fax to your congressional representative asking them NOT TO ADDRESS THE VACCINE-AUTISM ISSUE OR THE IDEA OF AN AUTISM EPIDEMIC OR “FAUX THERAPIES.”

There is no mention of CHILDREN on this post or in the sample letter. Instead the term “autistics” is used. (Personally, I find the term offensive since it defines people by their disability.)

Promoting these kinds of ideas puts us back to questions like:

Has there been a real increase in the disorder?

Is there an autism gene?

How do we spread awareness?

Autism Hearing? Let yourself be heard”

You are free to chose your talking points. Here are some of mine:

1) We need focus on improving the quality of life of Autistics

2) While not all Autistics can self-advocate, if we are going to have autism organizations represented, we need to have Autistic-run organizations represented.

3) Autism is a very broad spectrum, all with challenges of some sort. The government’s response needs to be broad (read-larger than it is now) in order to encompass all the needs of these communities.

4) The vaccine-epidemic hypothesis has been very damaging to the autism communities. Please don’t allow this meeting to be a way around the science in order to keep that idea alive.

5) There are faux therapies in common use for autism. Many are harmless. Some are dangerous and based on incredibly poor science. We need to get accurate information out about these practices.




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  1. onevenna
    Nov 21 at 14:18

    Considering the number of autistic adults (you have no business, really taking offense at the term 'autistic' it is what they call themselves) there hasn't been any increase in actual incidence, merely an increase in diagnoses which is accounted for by better diagnostic criteria and more awareness about ASD. Personally, I would prefer a group of autistic adults to be heard at this hearing regarding autism any day of the week before I would want you, or Autism Speaks heard, because neither you, nor Autism Speaks has the insight and experience and expertise that an individual with autism has in relation to autism. Autistics' word holds much more weight for me, with regards to autism, then the word of someone without autism ever could hold. For the record…

  2. polymumof8
    Nov 24 at 00:01

    It would have been so much more productive if they had focused on what they did want to be discussed instead of what they didnt. The ideas of improving the lives of Autistic adults is really important as our special children are quickly growing up, but we should also be addressing the thousands and thousands of families who saw their children be injured by vaccines and then become Autistic. Why is it that they believe that these parents should not be heard? These parents in many cases are the only voices that their children have, if you refuse to hear them then you are refusing to hear the voices of their children with Autism.


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