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“Kmart Offers Free Back-To-School Flu Shots”

Aug 19

I stopped in at my local Kmart for some dishtowels today and I spied a huge advertisement at the door:

KMART OFFERS FREE BACK-TO-SCHOOL FLU SHOTS. This was an annoying reminder that soon the push to vaccine every Americans for influenza will hit the media. Kmart has them. Wal-Mart has them. Every drug store in town has them.

The ad showed two school age kids toting their books. Is this the latest pharma promotion? To get your child really ready to start the school year, get that flu shot.

What could further promote the idea that vaccines are good for everyone and nothing bad can happen than to get one at Kmart during their back-to-school special? (And now that it’s past August 12th, I can’t wait to see the next flu shot ad campaign: STUDENTS, BLACKS, THE ELDERLY….)

I went home to Google more info on how Kmart got into promoting vaccines for kids. I found this story with a picture of President Obama getting his flu shot.

August 3, 2012 HERE

Many studies have documented the high rates at which African Americans are hospitalized or even die from the flu every year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control research, in 2010 hospitalization rates from flu were 83 percent higher among African Americans than Whites.

Flu shot rates in African-American communities are lower than all others studied and children are the least likely to receive an annual flu shot.

So, during this back-to-school shopping season, Kmart is offering a coupon for a free flu shot to anyone who makes a single purchase of $100 between July 22 and August 12. The only catch is that you must be a member of their Shop Your Way member rewards program (which is free to join). *

This is such a key area of awareness for the community – something as simple as a flu shot could save your life. Especially for children as they are exposed to so many germs in the classroom! This is one of the easy things that everyone can do to keep their families healthy.

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