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OUTRAGEOUS!!!—USATODAY: “…because autism is a genetic disorder” <<

May 01

This report features experts at CHOP. It’s written by Liz Szabo, who’s been slamming the autism community and denying everything for years. (And yes, she’s personally thanked by Paul Offit in his book, Deadly Choices.)

A mother on the video claims that God wants her to have four children with autism.

I guess the message here is: Autism is genetic. It’s the parents’ fault. Nothing you can do about it.

So how are the taxpayers going to feel someday when they have to support our genetic mistakes?

(I posted a number of comments.)

The May family copes with four boys’ autism as a team HERE

The May family copes with four boys’ autism as a team

She wondered why her 13-month-old son, Nicky, stopped looking her in the eye, even when she was seated inches away. Why he wouldn’t talk or respond to his name. Why he constantly flapped his arms.

May shot the movies to share her concerns with Nicky’s doctor. Although she suspected the cause of his behavior changes, she was reluctant to face it. “I’d ask, ‘Is this typical?’ ” she says. “We don’t know what typical is.”


Nicholas has autism, a developmental disorder that affects a child’s communication and social skills. But Nicholas isn’t the only one with autism in his family, so do his three brothers, James, Dominic, and John Jr. Four autistic kids under one roof.”

Dr. Sarah Paterson, a research assistant professor in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says because autism is a genetic disorder, she and her team are looking at siblings with autism.

Paterson: “It’s really nice, kind of natural experiment for us to follow those children because we known that some of them are unfortunately going to end up on the spectrum.”

“The cause is still unknown.”

“As researchers continue to search for the underlying cause behind autism…”

“Back at the May house, Nicole says she wouldn’t trade her Team May Boys for anything in the world.”

Nicole: “Obviously it’s what God wanted because he wouldn’t have give it to me if not. …This is what we were meant to do.”


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