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NVIC in Times Square for New Year’s Celebration!

Dec 31

Bloggers were upset at the vaccine choice ad HERE up in Times Square since December 16th.

 They claimed it endangered public health. They tried to get a petition going to stop it from being shown to a million people in Times Square for New Year’s Eve.

See below.





IT DIDN’T WORK. The ad ran for everyone to see!

It was a gorgeous night in New York. 46 degrees! I watched the AMAZING CROWDS!

Can you imagine if even a small percentage of them noticed the ad and grabbed their Smart Phones to bring up NVIC?

The days of everyone buying the one-size-fits-all-vax-schedule NO QUESTIONS ASKED are over! Too many things to worry about! This is a great start to 2012!



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  1. thehutchins
    Jan 01 at 21:42

    This is what I put on the first one! Here is an example of a horrible vaccine injury. Thousands more like this.
    I am actually getting a legal opinion about all the pro vax bloggers and media groups who swear to the safety of vaccines without having a medical degree. From what several attorneys have told me, the bloggers and media who push vaccine safety do have legal exposure, as they are not the vaccine maker or the doctor actually giving the vaccine.


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