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Fox News/CBS News/USA Today: For the latest on autism research….stay tuned!

Apr 16

CBS News: The most promising areas of autism research Researchers have been making tremendous progress in their efforts to understand the causes of autism, as well as which interventions may be most effective to help children with the disorder thrive.This work is especially critical as the number of children in the U.S. with autism grows. Approximately 1 in 68 children in the U.S. currently has autism, an increase of nearly 30 percent in recent years — at least partly due to greater awareness and improved diagnostics. Experts in the field say there are a number of areas of research that could potentially change the lives of millions of families. Here are a few that are showing significant progress — and promise. Genetics… Epigenetics… Identifying gender differences…
Fox News: Father’s sperm may point to child’s autism risk, study finds  While some research suggests that autism contains a genetic link, most instances of the disorder remain unexplained. But now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University say predicting whether a child will develop autism may be as simple as testing paternal sperm. In a small study, published online Wednesday in the journal International Journal of Epidemiology, researchers searched for a possible association between the disorder and a father’s epigenetic tags, which help regulate genes’ activity. Doctors can detect epigenetic changes by testing sperm.
USA Today: Gestational diabetes increases autism risk

 Children are slightly more likely to develop autism if their mothers were diagnosed with diabetes early in pregnancy, a new study shows.
Women newly diagnosed with diabetes by the 26th week of pregnancy were 42% more likely to have a child diagnosed with autism, according to the study of more than 322,000 children born between 1995 and 2009. Overall, about 1% of all children in the study were diagnosed with autism by a median age of age 5½. Having gestational diabetes, the kind diagnosed during pregnancy, increased the chance of having a child with autism to 1.4%. . . . . . . Pregnant women also are more likely to have children with autism if they don’t get enough folic acid, if they’re exposed to pollution or if they take the anti-seizure drug valproic acid, research shows.
USA Today: Study links pollution to autism, schizophrenia Tiny bits of air pollution may irritate very young brains enough to cause problems, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. When mice younger than 2 weeks old were exposed to very small particles of pollutants, their brains showed damage that is consistent with brain changes in humans with autism and schizophrenia. That’s not to say air pollution causes either one, said Deborah Cory-Slechta, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center and lead researcher in the study published Friday. Other studies have found an increased risk of autism in children who were born prematurely or very small, or who were born less than one year after an older sibling. Older mothers and older fathers are also at higher risk of having children with autism. Genetics plays a major role too, Wang says. About 15% to 20% of people with autism have a known genetic mutation that causes the condition. If one child in a family has autism, subsequent children have about a 20% chance of also having autism, Wang says.

Any real answers?  No one will ever admit any CAUSE for autism beyond bad genes. 
We do have a lot of guesses–things associated with autism.  The latest research just out links autism to:
(The real news is that these are OLD CLAIMS that have been around for years.  No problem, it’s always good to fund more studies to repeat the old findings as new.)
Add to that all the MOM CAUSES:  fat moms, old moms, smoking moms, drinking moms, moms who deliver early, moms having babies too close together, moms who don’t get enough folic acid.
Officials learned the lesson of the “refrigerator mother”—blame the genes or lifestyle of the parents.
The failure to do anything about a disaster enfolding across the country will eventually lead to masses of disabled left on the doorsteps of local welfare agencies.   More of the mystery of autism.  Perhaps a walk to raise awareness………….

Autistic adults everywhere? More of the mystery!

Apr 16

VIDEO: “The number of children diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum has grown in the past 10 to 15 years.  Now those children, as they move into adolescence and young adulthood creates a new challenge across the country. . . .”
ABC 6 then shows as a young college student with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Reporter:  “The Philadelphia Autism Project’s recent report estimates that in Pennsylvania alone 20,000 autistic children will become adults be 2020.  WHile there’s a stron network for young children, support for older teens and young adults is still in the works.”
“There are huge gaps in services between what is needed and what’s available.”
You don’t outgrow autism. But a wave of autistic children is growing into adulthood. What’s going to happen then?
As long as they’re in school, young Americans on the Autism spectrum – and there are more and more of those – have a fair amount of support. Programs. Special education. People engaged with them, and for them to engage with in return. But when school ends, that support ends. And these young adult autistic Americans, and their families, are pretty much on their own. Some, of course, can work and build fairly independent lives. Others cannot. For them, and their families, it can be an overwhelming moment. This hour On Point: a new report looks at “aging out” of America’s autism support system, and into a very challenging adulthood.

Walking for awareness…Miami and Los Angeles

Apr 16

Eager, dedicated parents raising money for an organization that will never find the cause or prevention for autism.
Autism now affects one out of every 68 children in the United States, and South Florida families are raising money to find better treatment.
We’re told about a walk to raise money for Autism Speaks, “A group dedicated to funding research into causes, prevention and treatment of autism.”
Ari Greenburg is one of many who will walk in Pasadena for Walk Now for Autism Speaks to beat the disorder.
They’ve already raised over $600,000 already for this year’s event.

Love Is Not Enough: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism, Madness, and Hope

Apr 15

JennyLexhed_blue_400By Anne Dachel Love Is Not Enough

Jenny Lexhed plans for a wonderful marriage and perfect children.  The future is boundless and she is in control of it all.  What she isn’t bargaining for is a son with autism and years of struggle and pain. Love Is Not Enough: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism, Madness, and Hope is a step back into what so many of us have experienced:  Autism happens, we’re left on our own to make a life for our children and the obstacles can’t even be imagined.

This wonderfully written book is as much about Jenny herself as about her son Lucas, who’s severely autistic.  Events unfold in present tense and we experience everything as she describes it.  Jenny Lexhed is a mother with a mission to make her child well and she exhausts herself pursuing her goal.  The cost to herself, her husband and her family is enormous.  In the midst of her ordeal, Jenny writes, “I exist in a vacuum.  I put all my energy into finding a method that can help my child to develop.  . . . What will we do now, when I no longer believe in this method? When I realized that Lucas was autistic and understood his difficulties, the ground disappeared from beneath my feet and I fell into a deep hole. . . .but now I’ve lost my foothold once again and fallen into the abyss.  I’m groping in the dark. There’s no light anywhere.  How will we find a new path?” 

Still Jenny can’t quit. . . .

UTAH….Autistic adults have no real problems…and other lies

Apr 15


Showing us adults with autism who go to college and are even married is a fraud.  Finding a future for these guys is easy.

Salt Lake City: Adults with autism finding path to independence |
McMahon believes there has been a lag in research into autism in adults.

“I think adults are only now getting the attention that they deserve and there’s some interesting things that have been found, ” said McMahon.

**Exemption bill under fire in California

Apr 15

(CANADA) California vaccine bill stalls in state Senate, supporters will bring measure back next week – The Globe and Mail

A California vaccination bill that has generated intense debates pitting personal rights against public health stalled in the state Senate Wednesday, with lawmakers saying it could unconstitutionally deprive unvaccinated children of an adequate education by barring them from schools.

The measure would have prevented parents from seeking vaccine exemptions for their children because of religious or personal beliefs, making California the largest of only three states with such strict requirements.

Supporters plan to bring back the proposal next week revising it to address the concern raised in the Senate Education Committee, but it wasn’t immediately clear how the bill might change.

The proposal was among several drafted across the nation in the wake of a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in December, sickening more than 100 people in the U.S. and Mexico.

It’s generated such an angry debate that the proposal’s author, Sen. Richard Pan, a Democratic pediatrician from Sacramento, has received added security. In addition to threatening messages sent to his office, opponents of the legislation have posted images online comparing Pan to Adolf Hitler.

Hundreds of people lined the Capitol halls ahead of the Wednesday morning committee hearing, with about 600 opponents outnumbering roughly 100 supporters, a crowd far larger than normal for even the most contentious measures.

Vote delayed on California bill seeking to toughen vaccine mandate Los Angeles Times

The topic generated such an acidic debate last week that the  NBC Southern California

Ending Religious Waivers for Vaccines Sparks Uproar in California Newsmax

Dr. Offit explains why he backed out

Apr 15

Recently Dr. Paul Offit was scheduled to be on the Mike Gallagher radio show on Conservative Talk 9.45 in New York discussing vaccine exemption rights with Dr. Toni Bark.  Many in the autism community were surprised at this news since Offit has consistently refused to openly debate anyone who challenges his blanket endorsement of vaccines for all children and his efforts to remove a parent’s right to a religious or philosophical exemption.
Back February, Dr. Offit was on Democracy Now talking about vaccines. Legal scholar Mary Holland was also on the show, but Offit wouldn’t appear in a format of open dialogue wit Mary. 
AMY GOODMAN: I mean, to be fair, we wanted to have both of you on together to have a conversation, because there are many in this country, and a growing movement of parents, who are deeply concerned. But you wanted to have this conversation separately, Mary Holland and you separately. So, it’s important to, I think, have this kind of dialogue on all of these issues. Dr. Offit, on this issue of vaccines now being- DR. PAUL OFFIT: I’ll tell you-can I just address that? AMY
GOODMAN: Yes, sure. – See more at:
DR. OFFIT: Can I address that for one second? I think that it is not important to have a debate about the science with someone who clearly doesn’t know the science. I’m sorry, Ms. Holland misrepresented the science again and again and again. I don’t think that in any way helps your viewer. I don’t think it’s fair to have a debate where two sides are presented, when only one side is really supported by the science. I think-I’d like to think we’re beyond that.
According to Offit, it’s totally unacceptable for the media to give any coverage to those who won’t endorse every vaccine the government recommends. 
Here’s Offit’s reaction to Gallagher’s plan for a conversation with Dr. Bark: 
Liz, I was specifically told we would not debate vaccine safety issues and I wasn’t told who the other guest would be.
When I found out, I called the producer this morning.   He told me that it was important to present both sides of the vaccine debate.
I ashed him if he thought there were two sides to the issue of whether vaccines caused autism or contained harmful toxins.
He said it was up to the listener to figure out, after hearing both sides.
So I told him I was out and he should be ashamed of himself for unnecessarily scaring parents.  He told me that Mike Gallagher always stays in the middle of issues.  I asked him where Gallagher stood on issues like the existence of gravity.   Was he in the middle of that one?  Painful.
Dr. Bark challenged Offit on her Facebook page:

Hey Paul Offit, Lookee here, Gravity debated by real scientists, not afraid of straying from dogma.

Is gravity a result of differences in informational density? Or is this theory .|By Matt Ford

**Vaccine madness: ABC News: School District Kicks Out 143 Kids for Not Being Vaccinated

Apr 14

It’s clear we’re losing our collective mind over the threat of communicable diseases.  Only vaccines can save us. 
So what’s the sense of this action in Spokane?  Big crackdown on the unvaccinated….big show of force and ostracism of a tiny group…..yet they acknowledge parents can exempt.
No wonder no one shows any concern over autism.  They’re too busy sounding an alarm over measles, whooping cough, etc.  We must act.  We must vaccinate.
Autism only needs awareness, not action.  There’s nothing we can do to prevent or cure it.  Why even talk about it?
Vaccine madness: ABC News: School District Kicks Out 143 Kids for Not Being Vaccinated
April 13, 2015,
Spokane school district officials on Monday removed from class 143 students who could not prove they had legally required vaccinations. More than 700 students in the state’s second-largest district lack complete vaccination documents, so that number was expected to rise, district spokesman Kevin Morrison said. The crackdown began Monday morning.The Spokane district was believed to be the first in the state to take this action, Morrison said.

“We’re the front-runners,” he said. “Given the increased awareness that the world has of the possibility of pandemic, I think heightened awareness is certainly not a bad thing.”

Students who are removed from school can return once their parents either get the required vaccinations, or sign waivers saying they were opposed to one or more vaccinations, Morrison said.

Paul Offit Pulls Out of a Debate with Toni Bark

Apr 14

This is typical cowardly behavior from the national champion for the vaccine industry…..
Gary Null Show: Legal Scholar Mary Holland Responds to Dr. Paul Offit’s Vaccine Stance – AGE OF AUTISM
Paul Offit; Fear, Intimidation and Astroturf
Paul Offit Pulls Out of a Debate with Toni Bark
Paul Offit Pulls Out of a Debate with Toni Bark

Paul Offit and Toni Bark were set to appear today on the Mike Gallagher radio show to discuss vaccines.Offit canceled.

Interesting follow up to the refusal to appear on Democracy Now at the same time as Mary Holland.  The hosts called him out for it on the air and Offit melted down. Paul Offit is a liar and a coward.

April 13, 2014, Washington Post: What one of the anti-vaccination movement’s least favorite doctors discovered about Jesus

Apr 13

What one of the anti-vaccination movement’s least favorite doctors discovered about Jesus
But while writing his newest book on medicine, the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine was surprised by Jesus. . . .
A professor of pediatrics and vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania, Offit has been branded as “Dr. Proffit” by anti-vaccination activists. In previous books, he has defended vaccinations, challenged the now widely discredited autism-vaccine link and sharply criticized the alternative medicine industry. When he published “Autism’s False Prophets” in 2008, he didn’t go on book tour because had received death threats. . . . .

“I took it at face value when people said, ‘Jesus was our doctor,'” Offit said of vaccination and treatment. “The choice to put your child in harm’s way is not a religious act.”

When Offit began to read the Hebrew Bible/the Old Testament and the New Testament and look into the history of Christians’ work in the areas of child welfare and health care, he said he found himself largely embracing religious teachings. . . .

Offit believes that religious exemptions to vaccinations – and the freedom for parents to refuse medical treatment on behalf of their children – should not be allowed. “It’s not much different from child sacrifice,” he said. To others, removing the religious shield currently protecting parents in most states is an example of government overreach and a violation of the free exercise of religion.

Offit is out to end religious exemptions.  He’s discovered that Jesus wants parents to vaccinate.


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