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Twice as much aluminum in the NEW GARDASIL!

Dec 19

FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?
The current GARDASIL has 225 mcg of aluminum.  GARDASIL 9 has 500 mcg of aluminum
Malfeasance is when a public official violates the public trust by performing an act that is wrongful, legally unjustified, or contrary to law. Nonfeasance is the failure to act where there is a duty to act. Misfeasance is conduct that is lawful but inappropriate. Perhaps, when it comes to the recent approval of Gardasil 9 all of these apply.10 December 2014: The FDA approved the use of a reportedly ‘new and improved’ version of Gardasil, which will be marketed as Gardasil 9. According to the FDA approval letter, this action was taken without consultation with VRBPAC (the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) which is responsible for reviewing and evaluating data concerning the safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of vaccines and related biological products.

The FDA approval letter, signed by Marion Gruber, Director of Office of Vaccines Research and Review CBER,  states the reason for bypassing the advice of VRBPAC writing:

“We did not refer your application to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee because our review of information submitted in your BLA, including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise concerns or controversial issues which would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion.”

So, the Office of Vaccines Research and Review, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) committee took it upon themselves to decide there were “no concerns or controversial issues” regarding the approval of Gardasil 9?

**Lawrence Solomon on the NHL and Mumps

Dec 19

Lawrence Solomon is a fantastic writer and I’ve been writing about him for a while now.

 Lawrence Solomon: The untold story of measles
Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks
Lawrence Solomon: One-size-suits-all vaccines will soon be replaced by safer, more effective ones
Lawrence Solomon: More Parents in CA Opting Out of Vaccination
Lawrence Solomon A Voice of Ebola Reason
Lawrence Solomon: taking on the medical establishment
Lawrence Solomon on vaccine failure

Here’s his view of mumps among NHL players

Why Doctors Aren’t Shocked That Mumps Have Hit the NHL | Lawrence Solomon
Past generations of professional hockey players were never at risk of mumps outbreaks. Today’s players are, and tomorrow’s will be, along with adults generally. These outbreaks — which the media portray as coming out of the blue — don’t surprise anyone in medical circles who has been paying attention. Mumps outbreaks among aduIts have long been predicted by public health experts. Ironically, the mumps vaccine itself makes these outbreaks inevitable.A century ago, before sanitation and public health improvements, mumps was a risky disease. By the 1950s, it had become largely benign, a childhood disease that especially hit five- to nine-year-olds, and almost everyone by their late teens. Once infected, children obtained lifetime immunity, making mumps rare in adulthood. Because mumps was dangerous in adults — complications can include sterility in males and, in pregnant women, the loss of the child — public health authorities in the 1950s and 1960s predicted that the mumps vaccine then being proposed would backfire. . . .


Dec 18

ATTENTION HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Your name on an autism study means NOTHING!

I used to be impressed by a “Reuters story.”  Not anymore.  
Here they can’t even get the rate right. 
Air pollution????  Seriously?  Worldwide autism—the nightmare of disabled children everywhere is because of air pollution? 

The study is from HARVARD!  Gosh, they should know what they’re talking, right?
And subtly…in the “Facts About Autism” slides we are told THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN VACCINES AND AUTISM.   
The slides show us HAPPY, ENGAGED, TYPICAL-LOOKING KIDS. This is supposed to be autism!  It’s easy to believe that kids like this have always been around.  Reuters shows us a little babies and says that the signs of autism can be seen in infants (meaning that babies are born with autism). 
This is deceit.  If this report had actually shown us AUTISM as it affects many thousands of kids, it wouldn’t be easy to dismiss this as just better diagnosing.
WHY are we getting old claims about the cause of autism rehashed as NEW SCIENCE?  Pollution–the “environmental cause” has been around awhile.
We’re had years of blaming everything in the environment tied to the mother for autism—EXCEPT VACCINES! 
I posted comments.
 Mom’s Exposure To Air Pollution In Pregnancy Doubles Child’s Risk Of Autism, Study Says
Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism as children of mothers breathing cleaner air, scientists at Harvard School of Public Health reported on Thursday.

The greater the exposure to fine particulates emitted by fires, vehicles, and industrial smokestacks the greater the risk, found the study, published online in Environmental Health Perspectives.
Earlier research also found an autism-pollution connection, including a 2010 study that found the risk of autism doubled if a mother, during her third trimester, lived near a freeway, a proxy for exposure to particulates. But this is the first to examine the link across the United States, and “provides additional support” to a possible link, said Heather Volk of the University of Southern California Children’s Hospital, who led earlier studies.

U.S. diagnoses of autism soared to one in 68 children in 2010 (the most recent data) from one in 150 in 2000, government scientists reported in March. Experts are divided on how much of the increase reflects greater awareness and how much truly greater incidence.

Kim Stagliano speaks out as her daughter (with autism) turns 20

Dec 17

 Mia before and after
Mia Stagliano is not only the daughter of Kim and Mark Stagliano, but she’s also one of the countless thousands of American children that health officials have absolutely no concern about.  Mia didn’t start out autistic.  Vaccines left her dependent for life.  Of course her mother Kim never thought that giving her daughter the recommended vaccinations in the children schedule could have devastating side effects.  None of us who witnessed the damage firsthand could have imagined it was possible.  No one warned us that we were only getting one side of the story.  Doctors and health officials with vast money ties to the vaccine industry and no liability for damage are eager to tell everyone that vaccines are safe, safe, safe.  We had to learn the hard way. 
Now we’re talking about what happened to our children and other parents are listening.
Kim’s right when she writes, “If I had heard a voice or two, maybe my daughter would be speaking to me from her college dorm right now, instead of next to me on a computer watching Sesame Street 20 Years…..and still counting.”
2014 Kim Stagliano to 1994 Kim Stagliano RE VACCINATION … “Don’t!” – AGE OF AUTISM
Earlier this week my oldest daughter turned 20. . . .
In 1994, I knew nothing about the very real dangers of vaccination. I did not know that vaccines have side effects. I did not know that many of the vaccines my daughter would receive contained bolus doses of mercury. I did not know that if my child became ill or died following vaccination, A) no one would believe me and B) I could not sue the manufacturer for product injury.  I did not know about a man named Andrew J. Wakefield whose work would have warned me.  I had never heard of Thimerosal. Mercury was a car that looked a lot like a Ford, oh and a planet, in my parlance. I did not know that I could say “No thanks,’ to a vaccine. I did not know that I could space them out or at the time, break them up. I did not know that when her pediatrician made notes in her records, “Watch head size, left side” that likely meant encephalopathy was underway. I never saw those words until we moved and I ordered records. I didn’t know. . . .
Moms need to know that vaccination can harm, maim and kill.  I had no informed consent. (No one bothered to inform me.)  I did not know enough to ask.
Thank you to everyone in our community who sticks his or her neck out to inform others that vaccines require thoughtful consideration before administration. If there is any administration at all. Me? I’m not going to tell a Mom-T0-Be “Don’t ever touch a vaccine.” I’ll tell her Mia’s story. I’ll tell her about VAERS.  I’ll tell her about Vaccine Court. I’ll give her enough info to make an informed choice.  If she chooses to fully vaccinate, so be it. I believe in personal choice in all health care decisions.  Some folks will think I’m not hard line enough. And that’s OK by me. There’s plenty of room for all of our voices.

If I had heard a voice or two, maybe my daughter would be speaking to me from her college dorm right now, instead of next to me on a computer watching Sesame Street 20 Years…..and still counting.

**DEC 18th: “Autism with Dr. Andy” (Radio interview with Anne Dachel)

Dec 17


HealthyLife.Net–All positive talk radio:

Autism with Dr. Andy features Anne Dachel discussing her new book, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public. 

Dec 18, 2014  12 Noon Central.      

Dr. Andrew McCabe Announcement Anne Dachel, the author of The Big Autism Cover-Up, Skyhorse Press, is the guest this week on Autism with Dr. Andy, radio. Anne has written extensively on vaccines and their role in the etiology of autism. She is well known throughout the United States for her interest and activism in addressing what has become an educational and health challenge of epidemic proportions. Anne’s book explores how news outlets downplay the impact of autism while backing the official denial of any link between the disorder and vaccines. Don’t miss this controversial interview with a woman who provides shocking and eye opening information that has been kept secret from the American public. Anne’s interview will be available after Thursday, December, 18th at 12 Noon, Central, and will be archived for about three months. Her show can be downloaded for future listening. To find the show, Google On the right hand side of the show profile you will see, in the blue box, Radio Show Guide. Next, click on All Radio Hosts and scroll down to Thursday, 10 AM Pacific, and you will see the show. Go to Archives and click on 12/18/14, Anne Dachel. About Autism with Dr. Andy   Andy McCabe, Psy. D., received his Doctorate in School Psychology in 1999 from Rutgers University.   He directed one of the first public school programs in NJ for the autistic in the mid-eighteens and has been a full time Associate Professor at New Jersey City University since 2001. His radio show, Autism with Dr. Andy, has provided a forum for many of the top experts in the field of autism in the United States. Interviews include   information related to etiology and prevention, education, a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, housing, long term care, vocational training and classroom interventions. His goal is to reach 1 million listeners worldwide. If you, or someone you know, has something important to add to the knowledge base related to autism, email dramccabe@hotmail. Dr. Andy will review your potential as a radio guest and contact you. Please tell your family and friends about the show. We need your listening support!

Tahoe (CA) Daily Tribune: Doc declares thimerosal to be safe

Dec 17

Dr. Lance Orr   Photo: Tahoe Daily Trib
It’s a little disingenuous for the doctor who has absolutely NO LIABILITY to tell you it’s safe to be injected with mercury.  I posted several comments.

Understanding the flu and flu vaccine
Flu season is underway. Misconceptions about the flu prevent people from taking the proper precautions. For example, being out the in cold does not cause the flu. Here are a few more flu myths I hear and facts to help you stay healthy this winter.

Myth: Mercury in the influenza vaccine will make me sick or give my child autism.

Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative used to prevent contamination of influenza vaccine vials. Extensive research shows an extremely low dose of thimerosal in vaccines and has been found to be safe. If you are still concerned, thimerosal-free vaccines may be available. The nasal vaccine does not have thimerosal.

(Dec 16) ABC 7: Alex Spourdalakis’ story

Dec 17


 Incredible coverage.  It should outrage everyone.  Lots of people, so far not implicated, should be made to answer for what happened to this teen.
In an Eyewitness News exclusive report, newly-obtained interviews reveal the pain, frustration and fear facing a family as they cared for a suburban boy with a severe form of autism. The videos capture the final months of the child’s life before his mother and godmother are accused of murdering him more than a year ago. These interviews are not offered-up as an excuse for the alleged murder, but as a way to provide context and insight into one family’s desperate situation.

Alex Spourdalakis was a typical toddler, adventurous and mischievous. Everything was fine until a few months shy of Alex’s 2nd birthday.

“He had this episode with the fever and the screaming at night and that was like a turning point,” said Agatha Skrodzka, Alex’s godmother.

“He lost his speech, strange behaviors, skin rashes,” said Dorothy Spourdalakis, Alex’s mother.

Dorothy and Agatha are the two women who – just a few months after this interview was recorded – would be charged with murdering Alex. They’ve each entered not guilty pleas.

By age 3, Alex was diagnosed with a severe form of autism. The next decade would feature setback after setback, hospitalizations, medications and meltdowns. As Alex grew, so did his strength and his needs. . . .

Alex’s final weeks were captured on camera by an autism advocacy group, and turned into a film titled: “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?”“We clearly didn’t anticipate the end of this. This was part of a reality show in which we were trying to show how these children could be made better; but what we captured was in fact a prelude to an alleged murder,” said Andy Wakefield, Autism Media Channel.

“She just, she just couldn’t take seeing her son in pain anymore and seeing no future for him, and there was no help for him,” said Polly Tommey, Autism Media Channel.

Thank you, Ben Bradley and ABC 7 for covering this critical issue.
There are unanswered questions that viewers are left with after watching this report: What happened to Alex just before he turned two?  Why did a healthy, normally developing toddler suddenly lose learned skills (including speech), develop such severe bowel disease and end up diagnosed with autism?  Why are doctors so helpless to prevent this from happening and so mystified on how to treat it when it does?  Two decades of soaring autism rates have gone almost unnoticed by the medical community.  An autism rate of one in every 68 children still isn’t a crisis to doctors or health officials. 
Who really killed Alex Spourdalakis?
Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Boston Globe: Finding the ‘vaccine-friendly’ physician…

Dec 16

What is the Boston Globe doing?  Outing the MDs who don’t follow the schedule? 
In the world of the Boston Globe there is no Hannah Poling or 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism.    IN FACT, …I don’t any focus on AUTISM in this story AT ALL.  Seth Mnookin’s book is mentioned in passing, but autism is carefully avoided.
(Remember autism—the raging epidemic affecting 2 percent of U.S. children that no doctor can reasonably explain or prevent?)
There is no mention here that both the doctor and the vaccine maker have no liability for vaccines.  There’s no mention here of just how bad side effects can be. 
 I posted comments.
On the Lines of the Vaccine Debate, Pediatricians Play Both Sides

While many physicians in Massachusetts refuse to treat families who won’t vaccinate their children, some doctors don’t even offer vaccines, despite the mandate for public school students.

And then, there are those in between.

Massachusetts public school kindergartners are required to be immunized against hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, mumps, measles, rubella, and varicella. In the 2013-2014 school year, 1,192 Massachusetts kindergarten children filed vaccine exemptions. According to data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, this is the first time in four years the number of exemptions hasn’t increased, but it’s more than double the exemptions 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the total number of kindergartners has decreased by 8,900. . . .

It’s time to introduce you to the “vaccine-friendly” physician

A bit of a misnomer, physicians who are “vaccine-friendly” treat families who decide not to vaccinate. A simple Google search is the first step to finding them.

The first page of search results for “vaccine friendly doctors in Boston” pulled up, a website for an Ohio-based homeopathic medicine specialist. She lists nine Boston-area physicians who “either don’t vaccinate or do not push unwanted vaccines.”

Dr. Janet Levatin, who practiced in Brookline for 25 years before moving to Ohio, does not offer vaccines for her patients. She also did not vaccinate children for many years in Massachusetts. She told that she put the list together as a resource for patients when she moved states. Patients’ word-of-mouth recommendations as well as her own knowledge of vaccine friendly physicians in the area informed her selections.

Within 24 hours of speaking with, Levatin took down her website. She insisted that the list may be out of date, so we called each of the physicians listed to see if their position on vaccines had changed. We managed to speak with four of them.

The first we reached, Dr. Fred Mandell of Brookline, was uncomfortable and unaware he was listed on Levatin’s website. He insisted that he follows the state’s vaccine guidelines and did not wish to speak further on the topic.

In Quincy, Dr. Mark Vonnegut said that although he was unaware he was on the list, he was comfortable with being classified as “vaccine-friendly” because he doesn’t “believe in kicking kids out of a practice for not being immunized.” (Some doctors refuse to treat children who have not been vaccinated, even if that means losing an existing patient.)

Dr. Deborah Bershel, who runs an independent family practice in Davis Square, was also unaware that she was on Levatin’s list, but said she is comfortable being classified in this way. Bershel believes that immunizations are effective and good public health policy, but she said that she is simply offering the options that the law outlines and can’t turn parents away.

“Our society, mainly the state of Massachusetts, requires that parents agree to give the immunization, and there’s an implication that the parent should have a right to say yay or nay,” Bershel said. “For me to then imply that the parents are bad parents I think is–I just cannot do that …The medical facts are that the immunizations are helpful, and I try to tell people how diseases have been eliminated, like bacterial meningitis, but many of these people feel they can do better research than the scientific community.”

Finally, we spoke with Dr. Richard Moskowitz, who practices in Watertown. He was aware he was recommended on Levatin’s site (they’re friends). Moskowitz does not offer vaccines for his patients because, he says, they are creating a population with chronically weak immune systems. Moskowitz said he had measles as a child and survived, and he thinks his immune system is stronger for it. In his opinion, vaccines are only necessary for people who travel. He said he would only get a vaccine if he was traveling “somewhere like Africa.” . . . .

The mother of all “vaccine-friendly” physician lists

There are several lists of vaccine friendly doctors besides Levatin’s. The first (and still the biggest) was created by California-based pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears, who is renowned for developing an alternative vaccine schedule for young children that delays the immunizations over longer periods of time.

Today, physicians ask to be listed on Sears’s website of vaccine-friendly physicians. One of those is Dr. Mark Su, who has been practicing family medicine for three years on the North Shore. He refuses to turn families away because they won’t vaccinate their children. . . .

**Autism Speaks’ Dr. Andy Shih says autism is ‘better understood now than ever before’

Dec 16

December 16, 2014

This is from the Morocco World News it’s about the “Global Autism Summit” that was just held over the weekend in Rabat, Morocco.  (And a good time was has by all.
I can’t imagine what went on at this meeting.  Autism is “better understood now than ever before“?   What do they know?  A bunch of mutating genes go wacko and cause autism.  All we need is awareness and services. 
Welcome to the world of “greater awareness.”  Autism Speaks defies understanding.  They’re dedicated to genetic research while demanding recognition of autism as a worldwide issue. 
Autism is something to “celebrate.”  We light the world up in blue every April.  Hey, why worry? 
AND NOW (over in Morocco) AS’s Andy Shih announces that WE UNDERSTAND AUTISM—more than ever before.  (No specifics given.)
What I noticed about this story was the absence of the world … CHILDREN.   “Individuals” and “people” are talked about.  
Wait a minute.  Doesn’t autism affect one in every 68 CHILDREN?   It seems that Autism Speaks has moved on from that.
Shih highlighted “the role of the media.”  OH GOODY!  ….The role of the media has been abysmal. They fall right in step with everyone PRETENDING THAT AUTISM IS JUST A NORMAL AND ACCEPTABLE PART OF KIDS TODAY.
Morocco is the perfect place for the “Global Autism Summit.”  This idiocy will never make the mainstream news.
Autism: Experts Say The Syndrome Is Better Understood Now Than Ever Before

 Dr. Andy Shih, senior vice President of Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy organization from the United States, said that he is very optimistic regarding the future of autism in the world, adding that scientific research has contributed in the understanding of the syndrome better now than ever before.
Speaking to Morocco World News on the sidelines of the Global Autism Summit that took place at the medicine faculty in Rabat over the weekend, Dr. Shih said that in the field of autism, having knowledge in itself is not enough, pointing out that there is a need for “the help of the government, the policymakers, the professional communities and families that there are opportunities and solutions out there that can make their lives better.”
Dr. Shih also said that part of his work is trying to help all these stakeholders understand that it is possible to have a better future. “However, the main thing is that there is a need to work together and to respect the right of individuals and families of autism that they are entitled to health and education and other services like everybody else in the community,” adding that “the ways to support them are not expensive and at the end of the day can benefit the society in general.”

He went on to highlight the importance of awareness and the role of media, saying that they can help the population understand that people with Autism are like everybody else and that they are not unproductive.

Tampa (FL) Trib: Experts “have been trying to learn more about what causes autism spectrum disorder”

Dec 14

Dec 14, 2014, Special ed debate

Doctors and researchers have been trying to learn more about what causes autism spectrum disorder and how to treat it as a growing number of children are being diagnosed with the ailment.
The School Board of Highlands County provides exceptional student education services for children who have autism, according to the state’s evaluation guidelines, but some parents believe the district is denying the ESE services their children need to become productive adults.
Exceptional Student Support Services Director Pat Landress said autism has become more common in recent years.
When she started as an exceptional student education teacher in the early 1970s, the only autistic person she knew was a fellow at Ridge Area ARC.
Stories like this drive me crazy and they make it clear that no one is going to do anything about autism—it’s going to remain the disability that strikes children at will and that no one is alarmed about.  We’re happy to leave the cause a mystery.  We’re going to pretend that it’s always been here until the rate is one in every two kids.  (That’ll be 2025, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT.)
This is about meeting the educational needs of ASD kids, but it’s also rampant with the standard lies: 
*Experts are really trying to find the cause…
*Forty years ago, there weren’t children with autism and today there are lots of them–but that doesn’t mean there is really more autism…
*Autism isn’t anything to be alarmed about…
*While admitting that these children will need lifelong care, there is no mention of autism among adults…
*If autism has always been here, we should already be experts at educating them.  Why are parents saying their needs aren’t being met?…

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