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Autism Speaks: Martha Herbert says it’s the environment—but never mentions vaccines

Jul 29


A closer look at a recent studyA recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine was widely viewed as proving that autism starts early in prenatal development. This is a huge claim to make from brain tissue collected from 11 children with autism and 11 unaffected children.  So it’s very important for the future of autism research that we understand the strengths and weaknesses of this study’s methods and how the authors interpreted their findings.. . .
Dr. Herbert is speaking on the role of THE ENVIRONMENT IN AUTISM.  Here’s her list of culprits:
“Examples include infections, immune and metabolic disturbances such as maternal diabetes, obesity, stress and high blood pressure. Other nongenetic influences may include maternal or prenatal exposure to pesticides and other toxic substances and perhaps even exposure to electromagnetic fields. We also have research implicating inadequate supply of nutrients in the mother’s diet immediately prior to or during pregnancy.  This research includes studies on vitamin D, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and key minerals.”
Incredibly, there’s no mention of VACCINES/THIMEROSAL….or the book that’s coming out WITH HER NAME ON IT! 

Herbert wrote the introduction……………..and now seems to have forgotten what the book was all about.

MY FOX HOUSTON: Texas Schools Failing Disabled Kids

Jul 29

“I think the teachers are absolutely overworked. There is very little training and the training they do get is so basic it barely covers the surface,” said Birgit Fisher. “I don’t think the system is prepared to truly teach our kids. They are just not important enough,” she added. . . . “If we don’t put the money up front, eventually kids lose out and we are going to pay for it as a state regardless,” said Williams.

Notice that AUTISM IS SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED.  (And who could miss the symbolic meaning of the autistic twins riding their bikes in a circle in the cul de sac?) 
An autism puzzle ribbon is shown in the background behind the news people. 
(Also notice the map showing that California and Delaware are also at the bottom. Consider how many children that includes with CA in the mix.)
It’s nice to be righteous and responsible and say that we must do something to meet the needs of these students, but these same people will happily announce the new gigantic leap in the autism rate and say it’s all just better diagnosing, “according to CDC officials.
In the coming years we’ll be talking about the unmet needs of adults in group homes. 

New York Times: Promoting $200 manuals for ASD parents who deal with “stress”

Jul 29

All parents endure stress, but studies show that parents of children with developmental disabilities, like autism, experience depression and anxiety far more often. Struggling to obtain crucial support services, the financial strain of paying for various therapies, the relentless worry over everything from wandering to the future – all of it can be overwhelming.

“The toll stress-wise is just enormous, and we know that we don’t do a really great job of helping parents cope with it,” said Dr. Fred R. Volkmar, the director of Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine.

“Having a child that has a disability, it’s all-encompassing,” he added. “You could see how people would lose themselves.”

Good old Dr. Volkmar who is often cited as an expert when it comes to autism.  He has no real concern over the numbers and is adamant: VACCINES DON’T CAUSE IT.  How nice of him to express concern over parents stressed out raising a child with autism.  There are now manuals available to help parents deal with the situation…for a modest fee of $200 each.

“In August, manuals detailing the two strategies – mindfulness and positive adult development – will be available online for $200 each ($350 for both manuals) for parents of special-needs children who want to start groups.”

Public News Service: Building Acceptance of Autism in Ohio

Jul 29

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Autism is a reality of life for an estimated one in 68 people.

And while annual observances such as Autism Awareness Month in April have increased recognition of the disease’s prevalence, some say better understanding also is needed.

Andie Ryley, board chair of the Autism Society of Ohio, says that’s why her organization is promoting this August as the first ever Autism Acceptance Month.

“You have to have awareness,” she stresses. “And after awareness comes acceptance – and then comes empathy and understanding.”

While I totally agree that every individual with autism needs to be ACCEPTED, this is a call to ACCEPT AUTISM AS A CONDITION.  It makes no sense to call for a surrender to something that is dramatically impacting the health of our children.  This is what those who desperately want to cover up the link to vaccines would love us to do: pretend autism is just a normal and acceptable part of childhood.

***National Post (Canada): Do autism numbers mean anything?

Jul 28

The CDC-published ratio has exponentially worsened since the health organization piloted its methodology for surveying autism prevalence in a study published in 2003 – from 1 in 294, to 1 in 150 in a multi-site study published in 2007, to 1 in 88 in 2012 and then 1 in 68 this year.

It’s also a statistic that’s being questioned by prominent autism researchers.

In an editorial this month in the peer-reviewed journal Autism, editors David Mandell and Luc Lecavalier argue it’s “a mistake” to use the CDC’s surveillance studies to “provide meaningful estimates” of the prevalence of ASD because the methods used in the studies have flaws….

While scientists understand the nuances in the prevalence data, the lay public typically does not, says Dr. Mandell.

“We are setting up a situation where we’re scaring people and we’re scaring people unnecessarily,” he says….

While there are many “caveats” to how the CDC prevalence rates can be interpreted, Dr. Lewis says she is “absolutely” seeing more children showing up in her own practice with autism.

“Whether one in 68 is a perfect estimate or not, it doesn’t really matter to me,” she says.  “The bottom line is we’re seeing an increase.”

 This is from Canada, but it’s about CDC autism numbers and increases they can’t explain…. We’re told that the numbers are “scaring people unnecessarily.”  What is that supposed to mean?  That’s followed by a doctor saying that the numbers aren’t really important, it’s the fact that they’re seeing more children with autism.  (This is something the CDC has never actually admitted to.)
Dr. Mandell and Dr. Lecavalier should wake up to the fact that NO OFFICIAL WILL EVER RECOGNIZE AUTISM IS AN EPIDEMIC OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Anti-vaxers cause “babies’ brains to bleed….”

Jul 28

First, there is the expected blame cast on “the anti-vaccination movement.” …  This is a new charge to me.  Of course it comes from the people who will defend every vaccine as necessary, effective, and safe.  I think the headline is meant to demonize anyone who would question a vaccine
 ….Making babies brains bleed?  Only the worst people would do anything like that.  Anyone who doesn’t accept vaccines must be bad.
Newest anti-vaxx trend causes babies’ brains to bleed

Innumerable column inches have already been spent taking the anti-vaccination movement to task for its uninformed and dangerous effects on public health. But vaccination isn’t the only medical procedure subject to the erroneous, paranoid suspicions of new parents. In the past 10 months, eight babies were brought to Vanderbilt University’s Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospitals because their brains were bleeding. The eight infants all had a rare disorder called Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding, or VKDB which is dangerous but totally preventable with simple (and safe) vitamin K injections given shortly after birth.

Why were these innocent children denied this vitamin boost? You guessed it: parents have started refusing the injections, largely because of fears eerily similar to those spread by anti-vaxxers. According to a CDC report, parents who refused the injections cited concern about an increased risk for leukemia and reluctance to pump unnecessary toxins into their children.

Mother Jones’ Chris Mooney wrote an excellent report on the phenomenon:….

AAP News: Serious vaccine reactions ‘extremely rare’

Jul 28

Mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine was not associated with the onset of autism (based on evidence with high confidence).

AAP says bad vaccine reactions “must be weighed against protective benefits the vaccines provide.”
Who better to defend the vaccine schedule than the people who make their living vaccinating children? 
What the AAP fails to mention is the fact that no one could possibly know the true extent of vaccine injuries.
NVIC: “Although this law requires doctors and other vaccine providers to report hospitalizations, injuries, deaths and serious health problems following vaccination to VAERS, it is estimated that less than 10 percent, perhaps less than one percent of all vaccine-related health problems are ever reported to VAERS.”
And where would the AAP be without its generous donors in the vaccine industry?
The vaccine industry gives millions to the Academy of Pediatrics for conferences, grants, medical education classes and even helped build their headquarters. The totals are kept secret, but public documents reveal bits and pieces.

  • A $342,000 payment from Wyeth, maker of the pneumococcal vaccine – which makes $2 billion a year in sales.
  • A $433,000 contribution from Merck, the same year the academy endorsed Merck’s HPV vaccine – which made $1.5 billion a year in sales.
  • Another top donor: Sanofi Aventis, maker of 17 vaccines and a new five-in-one combo shot just added to the childhood vaccine schedule last month.
The doctors of the AAP profit from vaccines, their conflicts of interest are vast and they have no liability.  They’re nothing but an arm of the industry. 


Outrageous from the Washington Post

Jul 27

This is OUTRAGEOUS.  When it’s CONVENIENT …the numbers are just “better diagnosing”  When they need to cover up the link to vaccines, it’s a real increase!  I posted a comment.  These people have no ethics.  On July 18, 2014, Keith Kloor at the Washington Post wrote the piece called, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s belief in autism-vaccine connection, and its political peril. Kloor made a veiled attempt to be balanced by quoting Dr. Mark Hyman and saying, “A tape of the proceeding reveals that CDC officials did, indeed, let Kennedy’s and Hyman’s assertions about thimersol’s toxicity stand mostly unchallenged.” Kloor quotes those who say thimerosal was taken out 15 years ago, but the autism numbers keep going up.  How convenient for the Post to now tell us that the numbers are really increasing.  Every April or whenever a new rate is announced, they say it may just be “better diagnosing.”   In April, 2014, the Post quoted Dr. Coleen Boyle at the CDC who said the rate of one in 68 U.S. children could simply be “that doctors are getting better at identifying these children.”

Now the befuddled reporters at the Washington Post are telling us that a generation of disabled children is entering adulthood with no place to go.  WHY?  Why can’t they go where autistic adults have always gone? NOT ONE OF THEM ASKS THE QUESTION. WHY DOES ANYONE EVEN READ THIS WORTHLESS STUFF?

Coping with adult children’s autism, parents may face ‘least bad’ decisions Adult twins with autism locked in a barren basement room every night. No lights. No bed. Their parents charged with abuse. …This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released figures showing 1 in 68 children in the United States have Autism Spectrum Disorder, a term that captures the wide range of ways autism affects children. That was a 30 percent jump from two years earlier and more than double the rates from six years before that. And over the next 10 years, 500,000 children with autism will become adults, according to Lisa Goring, a top official at the advocacy group Autism Speaks. “There are not enough services. It’s a real problem for families.”…

POSTED COMMENT:  I don’t see why this is a problem.  Why can’t autistic young adutls go where autistic adults have always gone? For years, every time the autism rate took another gigantic leap ahead, major news outlets like the Washington Post expressed no concern. They were satisfied to quote officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who assured us that, no matter what the increase, it was just “better diagnosing” of a condition that’s always been around. In 1994 the definition of autism was broaden and the numbers increased dramatically.  It was supposedly just a “broader definition” of a condition that’s always been around. 1995: 1 in 500 2001: 1 in 250 2004: 1 in 166 2007: 1 in 150 2009: 1 in 110 2012: 1 in 88 2014: 1 in 68   And twenty years later, CDC officials still tell us all the children with autism are nothing new.  And when a healthy, normally developing child suddenly stops talking, making eye contact, loses learned skills and regresses into autism, doctors are helpless, and THEY ARE NOT ALARMED OVER A DISORDER THAT NOW AFFECTS ALMOST TWO PERCENT OF U.S. CHILDREN AND THAT HAS NO KNOWN CAUSE OR CURE.   Yes, the adults are coming.  BUT THEY’RE YOUNG ADULTS.  Where are the adults with autism in their 40′s, 50′s, and 60′s…..???  No one can show us a comparable rate among adults–especially adults with severe autism whose symptoms are easily recognized.  That simple fact should be scaring us all.

Washington Times: Kennedy is out “to ban vaccines”

Jul 25

RFK Jr.’s crusade to ban vaccines…
It’s hard to move on after this first outright lie.  No one is reading and reporting on what’s IN KENNEDY’S BOOK.  They’re just spreading lies about it.  It’s unbelievable how scared these people are about the truth getting out.

Salt Lake City: Kennedy and McCarthy are “crusading against vaccination”

Jul 25

Hu cited a plethora of studies that have ruled vaccinations do not cause autism, and chastised celebrity parents like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jenny McCarthy for crusading against vaccination.
There are two fraudulent claims here: There is no link, and autism is genetic.  Good luck with proving either is true.

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